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Stack Overflow: All quiet on the Silverlight front

We’ve been on for about 5 weeks now. One of the things we have noticed is a relative lack of traffic on the Silverlight tag/area when compared to other more common subjects like C#.

One positive result of the low traffic, is that today I was awarded a Gold “Unsung Hero” badge:
Unsung Hero!

Swells with pride… until you realise: that means at least 25% of 150 or so answers have been marked as “the answer”, but nobody has up-voted them as “useful”.

Luckily we are just there to learn and teach. The ranking system is a nice touch, but if anything seems to lead to a rush of poor answers. People compete to earn points and focus more on speed and less on good content.

Still a very worthwhile place to hang out (for computer geeks anyway) :)

Cheers, Dave

Stack Overflow… Now it’s a good thing

HiTech Magic Ltd is proud to announce it is now an active member of

This is a great opportunity to both hone our skills solving problems as well as contributing to the code community. Come join us there and answer, or ask, a coding question or two!

Our Avatar is Rincewind the inept “Wizzard” from a game we worked on many years ago (Discworld II). He represents our search for enlightenment in a very complicated world of computing :) The artwork for Discworld II (consisting of 50,000 hand-drawn animation frames) was produced for us by Hanna Barbera’s division in the Philippines. Our very best wishes go out to [Sir] Terry Pratchett.

Cheers, Dave

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