Easing into Silverlight animation – Announcing www.easing.co

After asking a specific question about easing functions on StackOverflow.com I received a comment from user AnthonyWJones. It occurred to me that a lot of people must have the same problem. That is: How to choose an appropriate Easing Function for a given visual effect.

The range of Easing Functions is currently only 33, but most have properties to allow variations on that theme resulting in a huge number of permutations.

The idea is that we build a Silverlight application that will show working examples of each easing type and common useful settings. Further, it would allow  users of the application (i.e. you, the public) to supply keywords for any given Easing configuration. This will allow a search, based on English descriptions of the desired effect, to show appropriate sample settings and active demo.

The end result of the idea is that a few hours ago, and only 20 minutes after the idea formed,we created www.Easing.co to contain the proposed Easing project.

The site will hold a place-holder blog initially, describing the Silverlight development, but later it will house the final application.

It should be an interesting project. If you would like to contribute, contact us through this form on Easing.co.

Thanks, Dave

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