SqlLite SQL Database

SqlLite is a very lightweight option for small-scale database projects. It uses single files for storage and uses direct code to access the data, instead of separate database drivers.

Being completely self-contained is a great plus for projects you want to deploy. No need to install SQL Server Express or other database drivers.

There is a free .Net driver package for SqlLite, making it very easy to add to your .Net projects.

Not all roses

On the down-side, it is not a full-featured implementation of SQL. Also, as it uses a single file it may be slower on some SQL operations.

Unlike other SQL engines, e.g. SQL Server Express, Visual Studio’s server explorer does not yet expose methods to create SqlLite tables. You will need a separate tool like the rather nice  SQLite Database Browser. This will let you create databases, tables, indexes as well as test out your queries interactively.

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