.Net Application Development

.Net Development is a broad topic, but we have a broad skill-set between us.

If you have a problem that may need a software-based solution, here are some things we have done recently:

  • XML feed production of newfeeds for client websites
  • Client CSV product feed consumption, to automatically enable/disable Adwords adgroups
  • Dynamic file conversion between most formats
  • Lots of SQL Server database design and processing
  • MySql data extraction from WordPress to custom database on-the-fly
  • Sound playing utility for Discworld I adventure game
  • XP installer for Discworld II adventure game
  • Various Silverlight user-controls
  • Extraction of 1 million fraudulent eBay auctions (mostly Python-development)
  • Browser automation (ie. custom robots to perform repetative tasks on websites)
  • Excel & Powerpoint plugins to automate database extracts and report generation

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