Choosing a domain

As everyone knows, “most” good domains have been taken. But have they?

What it really means is you need to apply a little creativity, to find something right for you.

The basic rules with domain names are:

  • Shorter is better (unless you meet the rest of the criteria)
  • It should spell the way it sounds (the so-called sound test)
  • If an English word/phrase it should conjure up thoughts of your website
  • A .com is better than .net, unless your site actually network or MS .Net related
  • A .net is better than .org, unless your site is an organisation
  • If you are bound to a single country, a country specific extension adds value
  • Latest: The recent release of the .CO Top Level Domain now allows for Rhyming Domain names!

Finding something right for you might be difficult. If you want to take us up on our value for money website hosting, drop us a line about your intended use and we will help find an available domain that suits your needs.

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