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Deep Deep Zoom – Let’s take the red pill and see…

Below is a first experiment using DeepZoom with Silverlight 4 to see what setting are needed to host one in a WordPress Silverlight app.

Install Microsoft Silverlight

The key was to set the InitiParams to “path=DeepZoom/GeneratedImages/dzc_output.xml” so the full plugin setting for this one is (in square brackets):

silverlight: DeepZoom/DeepZoomProject.xap, 480, 300, path=DeepZoom/GeneratedImages/dzc_output.xml

If you follow the right eye of Koala (his right, your left), then the eye of the left Penguin (your left) you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Silverlight plugins for WordPress – practical example

This is a test of the Silverlight Plugin for WordPress by Tim Heuer. Move your mouse over the Silverlight control to start additional animation.

Install Microsoft Silverlight

Documentation was a bit light on the ground but a Google cached copy of Heuer’s blog page revealed the required parameters. The trick is to place your Silverlight component’s XAP file into the root of your blog website (it was not specified, but we figured out this by watching the http requests with the Firefox Http Headers adding).

The widget injects all the require Javascript for you. The WordPress widget marker syntax (inside square brackets) is:

silverlight: <app>, <width>, <height>, <initParams>, <minVer>

The parameters are:

  • app is the XAP filename
  • width is the display width of the Silverlight component (optional)
  • height is the display height of the Silverlight component (optional)
  • initparams maps to the initiparams of the Silverlight component (optional)
  • minVer maps to the minRuntimeVersion required for your app (optional)

Cheers, Dave


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